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Greater Opportunities for the Proper Website Ranking Now

Below you will find tips for search engine friendly website design (SEO – Search Engine Optimization), which web designers should take into account at the beginning of the web design process. Nowadays, the success of a website depends not only on how beautiful a site is, but also more on how friendly a website is for the search engines. Also from you will be having the best supports now.

The Structure

  • Structure your website layout so that the navigation menu at the bottom of the html code, after the actual text of the page. If unavoidable can be an alternative to place some text containing many keywords (search terms) above the menu code, so that this text is first read by the search engines.
  • Headings are considered more important by search robots than the other text on the web page. To take advantage of this, it is important to use your keywords in the headings on the page.

Each page must have a unique title and description, in which you use the keywords to describe the page content. Use a maximum of 9 words for the title and no more than 20 words for the description of a web page, to stay within the limits of most search engines.

No Flash

Do not use Flash if possible, especially for the navigation of the site. Flash cannot be read by the search robots, so if you only use Flash for navigation, your pages will not be found. Full Flash websites are ‘not done’ if you want a good ranking with the search engines, because they are not readable by the search engines at all. If you really need to use Flash, try to limit it as much as possible (egg just the header) or use a different part of your website for keyword rich text.

  • Think twice about how best to use an image. Use images that are relevant to the text on a page. Use the ‘alt’ description with relevant keywords that can be read by the search robots, as they cannot read an image. Make sure your images are optimized for the web, so that good quality is maintained and the file gets smaller.
  • Do not just use images in your links or navigation. It is important to use text in the internal links on your website. Search robots can follow links with images, but attach more importance to text links.

Avoid using frames

Some search engines cannot index sites with frames at all. The search robots that can do this usually experience many problems and if a website with frames is not optimized for the search engines, the site will not even be indexed by these search engines.

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